I’m Karson and this is my facebook replacement! It’s a place where i can go and jot down anything I want to talk about, every feeling, every thought, every video, every topic, every wish, every news article, every dream, and every rant without offending anyone that i know or love. I refuse to sugar coat my life for anyone, but its hard to write things down sometimes and hear back that someone i love or know personally got offended by something i might have said. it always makes me feel guilty and just awful. i’m sick of feeling like that. I don’t want to feel that way anymore with someone who might be close to me. i’m a very blunt person. i have something to say about everything. so, i came up with this solution of a replacing facebook for myself. Maybe 1 person will want to read my stuff, and maybe no one at all. well, that’s about it. feel free to leave your comments. if i offend anyone, i’m sorry, but at least i’m not close to anyone on here and i won’t have to feel the need to sugar coat the stuff i write to make everyone happy.  This is a weight off of my shoulders.


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